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04 november 2004
Added the MediaController to the "look at what I am working on"
11 Augustus 2004
A new design, a new approach! Yes again I've redesigned the page; still uncertain what to do with it all. This reincarnation is especialy build for "arielext.org"; my own domain!
18 Augustus 2003
New site with more nerdy stuff and things you might want to know, I'm hoping that this approach is usefull for some people. Spread the word, spread the knowledge!
16 July 2003
Since today I'm a real bachelor :) just call me Lucien Immink, Beng
Those years of semi hard work did pay off after all
08 Augustus 2002
Ok, the guestbook looks just like the rest of the site now. Thank me for that :)
Live Journal will be a problem since they think I have to pay before I can alter the style :( Thank the Live Journal crew for that :)
07 Augustus 2002
Jup, the new website is here! It was greatly inspired by Archlinux. Archlinux is the distribution I use for my everyday work and I help Judd (the main programmer) out with some issues (testing, packaging and other stuff). As you can see the layout is exactly the same, execpt for some minor things. Browse around the site and see what I've got for you.
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