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So you've installed Arch Linux and Pacman, but now what? Here are some of the most used commands and why

  • pacman -Syu Use this commando to Sync your database with the pacman database, upgrade to newer versions with dependency checking, you can skip this by adding a d, the f can be added to Force the upgrade. Yes boys and girls it that simple! And we do this all without sending any information to the server, the information is send to you!
  • pacman -Ss <search string> This commando can be used to search the database for a specific file or package. An example can make this more clear: Let's say you want to add flash support to your Mozilla browser. Issue a pacman -Ss flash and the pacman system will tell you that the package you are searching for is called flashplugin, nifty isn't it?
  • pacman -S <package name> So now you know it's called flashplugin next step is to get it! And yes, now we can watch dull flash movies in Mozilla :)
  • pacman -U <package name> Upgrade a locally stored package, usefull when you just made a new package, or downloaded one from one of the servers
  • pacman -R <package name> Removes a package from your system, to save space :)
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